I am a cinematographer from Amsterdam. I work in the field of features, documentaries and commercials.
I am a member of the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC). My work includes features 'Fathers & Sons' (Jörgen Scholtens), 'Sensei Redemption' (German Gruber), and documentaries like 'Máxima's Heroes' (Paul Rigter).

I am the co-founder en owner of production company Provider Films. Provider Films produces film projects on Curaçao. See providerfilms.com for more info.
In 2023, I was part of the ACE Producers Network's 'Training Days'. In 2024 I was selected for the ACE 'Mentoring Programme', which is designed for emerging producers to develop their network and reaching a higher level of professionalism.
I always approach my craft with humility, enjoying the collaborative effort it takes to bring stories to the big screen.

+316 46 43 20 43                      mail@ewoudbon.nl                  www.ewoudbon.nl
Ewoud Bon