'Boro Polers'. Botswana, April 2018
The Okavango Delta is one of the most extraordinary places of Botswana. It's the largest inland delta in the world. In the Delta there is a small village called Boro, situated at a waterfront. From there, you can make a mokoro trip; a dugout canoe which is operated by a poler. Boro village consists almost completely of families of polers. These guides learned the trade often from their parents or relatives. They are well-organised and are being represented by a local trust.
Unfortunately, we couldn't make pictures off-shore, but a lot of polers were happy being portrayed on the shore. Our guide 'Ranger' helped us in taking these pictures. 
"Kenny", age 30. Poler since he was 7 years old. Learned the trade from his father.
Lethogonolo "Tony" Gaboyo, age 35. Born in Born and learned to guide from his parents.
"Ranger", 43. Poler since 2001.
Jack Botsalo, 67. Poler since 1986. Both his parents were polers.
Gel, 41. Since '97 a Poler, grew up in the Delta area. Learned to pole from his parents when he was seven.
Oscar Botsang Daniel, 32 years old. Born in a family of guides. Learned from family and friends.
Seonyatseng Sox, 35. Been doing this job for 10 years. Born in the Boro village. Sisters and brothers are guides too.
TopGun, Ketlhopamang Motlaleselelo, 38 years old. Guiding since 15 years.
"Michael" Lotsaja, age 28. Guide since 4 years. He was born deep in the delta, now lives in Boro village. His grandfather taught him.